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Augmented Intelligence Newsletter

A monthly newsletter about the ideas and things that interest me and my collaborators.
We cover themes we think are important to become better human beings and make a difference.
Some example topics:

  • Having Fun with Design
  • Why it is Important to be a Creator and a Maker
  • Critical Thinking in a World of Fake News and Scams
  • What does it Really Mean to be a Lifelong Learner
  • Would you Rather Communicate to Connect or Communicate to Transform?
  • The Importance of Being Imperfect
  • What do you Find Fun?
  • Coping with an Uncertain World with Assertive Commmunication
  • What Theory of Happiness do You Believe In?
  • Why we Shouldn’t Expect Matters of Significance to be Easy
  • Are You Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops?
  • What is Beautiful?
  • Joining a Group - Successfully
  • Applying the Scientific Method
  • How to Establish Your Unique and Fascinating Identity
  • Getting Important Things Done
  • Developing Optimism and Hope
  • An Ancient Philosophy of Life that is Relevant Today
  • Knowing What is Normal to be Exceptional
  • Focus and Attention are SuperPowers
  • How to be a True Friend
  • Authentic Confidence
  • Establishing a Community Culture
  • Why it is Important to have Short Lists 😁
  • Dealing with Overwhelm

What about Innovation Solutions?

In mysterious ways not presently made clear, all of the topics above relate to innovation solutions that solve problems that matter.
More gain with less pain. Clarity where there was confusion. Calm where there was panic. Organization where there was a mess.

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